Son of Dublin

Character: Foley

Other Characters:

  • Crash -Obstacle remover.
  • Diesel -Absentee scout.
  • Glint -Oh dear God, his fucking face!

Gamemaster: Peter

We arrived at yet another fucking coffee shop and eventually went through to see the Johnson in the back. He wanted us to retrieve some "gear" from an ex-business partner of his and gave us a name of a club downtown.

Ran a quick Matrix search but couldn't find anything particularly relevant so when we arrived we headed up to the roof. Crash, with all the care of a man casually stepping onto a pavement, leapt up to the roof with Glint in tow. We got Diesel to send a drone through to scout the building and eventually had a working knowledge of the internals along with the location of our mark.

It was decided that Glint and I should enter through the vents and secure the mark while Crash prepared to remove any obstacles to our extraction. We left with the mark…

Back at my shop, we interrogated the mark; turns out the "gear" was, in fact, meta-humans and they had already been sold. Called Dublin to say that the gear was thoroughly out of our reach and that we were in possession of his associate.  Dublin proceeded to have what we in the business call a "bitch-fit" about our refusal to kill the mark without offering any extra pay. The mark, however, was more than happy to offer us a better deal to cut him loose so we did.

Long story short, when we informed Dublin that he can't just add mission objectives in the middle of a run, he told us that that's how he does business; wouldn't recommend working with Dublin, at least not until he matures a little.

Run time : 4 Hours

Mission Rewards : 22,000¥ + 4 Karma

Mission Expenses : A few stick-n-shock rounds and a smoke grenade.

Notes : Apparently, Mr. "Dublin" isn't even Irish.

Quote of the session  :  'I call my fixer, "Drew Peacock".' -Glint



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