After Action Report: Lion and Rabbit

Character: Vessel

Other Characters:

  • Carver  A huge combat mage that is surprisingly good at hiding.
  • Crash  Probably in my best interest not to piss him off.
  • Diesel  Finally, another rigger! I was beginning to think this group was just gun-nuts.

Gamemaster: Peter

I guess it's my turn to do one of these. We started by meeting with the Mr Johnson to get our mission objective. It was to find and put a stop to a couple of masked vigilantes that were detrimental to the Johnson's business, one a Lion, the other a Rabbit.

I don't really remember what happened at the beginning of the run, it's all a little hazy. I think the other guys went to speak with someone who'd been attacked by the targets, I stayed in the van because I'm not really the talky type but then again the other guys didn't really give off that vibe either.

The next thing I know I'm in my garage being operated on. I think a stun grenade went off and slammed me into the side of my van, at least that's what I can assume happened what with there being a used grenade case and a bloody faceprint in the side of my van.

After I got fixed up we went to the last site where someone was attacked and decided to stake out the place until the assailants showed. It was great, I felt like a detective or something.

When they showed up we confronted them on the roof of a nearby building, Lion went down first, then 'Bunny' after she tried to escape. I took their commlinks and did a bit of snooping but nothing turned up, but either way that was mission accomplished.

Run time : 5 Hours (1-3 my ass)

Mission Rewards : 6,000¥ + 4 Karma

Mission Expenses : A couple of stick-n-shock rounds

Notes : Session could have went a bit quicker, and having a face on the team would probably help.

Quote of the session  :  'I had that you know…' Vessel to Crash after Crash jumped 20 feet in the air.



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