Character Karma : 16


Tall, slender and lithe build — until you account for the muscle implants, which add a solid amount of bulk to what would otherwise be an un-athletic and malnourished physique. Auburn hair, almost the shade of a dark crimson, frosted with blue, and clipped at the left side tops her head to reveal some headware. Several tattoos could be glimpsed under her clothes.


Growing up in the Barrens is hard. You either have to be stronger or smarter than the next guy to survive, and Cait just happened to be the latter. A life of crime was all but guaranteed for someone of her background, and the first step involved rewiring stolen commlinks and teaching herself how to hack — data havens happened to be extremely useful. She graduated to full-scale decks soon enough and found some street-level work to tide her by — enough, at least, that she could afford a decent fake SIN, a real fragging deck, an apartment, and some ’ware to compensate for her less-than-stellar physique — and eventually, get damn good enough to make enough of a name for herself to join the big leagues.


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