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A female Elf, with a near constant, infectious smile.

Glide is rarely seen to not be moving, and even less common is the sight of her not in her signature roller blades, which she uses to travel around the city at incredible speeds.

She is almost always seeming to enjoy herself, and will often use the array of spray paints on her belt to ‘liven up’ places she deems as drab or boring.


Glide grew up in the barrens, always on the verge of complete poverty. Despite this, she was always able to maintain a sunny disposition, making plenty of friends among the less fortunate members of society.

Among those were other youths like her, who, sick of the way the poor were mistreated and neglected by the security corps, banded together under her leadership to form the Rollers – a small gang of rollerskating, spraypainting hooligans whose goals were to improve life in the barrens for themselves and others, as well as inconvenience the security corps as much as possible.

Glide was able to put her skills to good use by becoming a courier for the Hermes corporation, delivering sensitive packages throughout the city with a speed and discretion unmatched by any traditional vehicle.

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