After action report: Knock Knock


Other Characters:

  • sinapse drudged up punk girl with a talent for pressing buttons really fast
  • schism twitchy eight eyed cyber sam with a death wish
  • mimi  over privileged teenager who likes big guns
  • vessel  …the man has naked elf robot girls in the back of a van. Not sure what  else to say.

Gamemaster: Rium

"So we going there and… 'BANG BANG' "


So meet up at one of the countless  dingy Southern bars in this town and I don't know what it is but after a while ive developed the skill to instantly tell who out of a crowd is a runner. this Skill most relies the ability to spot… what did Sinapse call it? "edgyness". Whatever it's called, it seems to be a prominent quality with runners I've met. So anyway I grab a beer and sit down at the ar marked table with my new colleges. despite there appearance they seem friendly enough folks. while were talking away the Johnson walks in, first impressions of him? he appers to be professional, to the point and by the look of him have stick shoved up his ass so long that im not sure how he doesn't gag every time he sits down. probably practice/ reminds me of my drill sergeant.



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