Character Karma : 9


Here’s a link to a chummer PDF


I was head researcher at the Univesity of New Orleans in the field of robotic engineering. I’ve always been incredibly passionate about robots, even from a young age, ever since my parents got me my frist Bust-A-Move (Which I tore that silly synthetic fur off, boy were my folks upset about that. Heh, not even had it for a day and they say I broke it.)

I worked for most of my youth at the university of New Orleans alongside a man called Dr Jakub Wozniak, a man who shared similar ambitions to advance robotics in this age. However after one of the Mitsuhama Otomo drones we had been experiementing on went on a rampage we were terminated and our department shutdown after the media outbreak. It turns out though that Jakub had a few secrets he wasn’t telling me.

Shortly after being fired my apartment was ransacked by what I could only assume were thugs, however they didn’t take anything which was very strange. Turns out it was the Polish mafia trying to make a point.

Jakub had been making deals on the side with the Polish mafia to supply them with the plans of what we had been working on when we were finished, something that now the Polish mafia hold me personally responsible for now that he’s vanished. I only hope that he’s gone and done a runner and that they didn’t get to him first.

But still, that leaves me with this debt that I have no idea what they expect of me and whether or not I can even do what they want. The last thing I want to do though is piss of the mafia, but it’s not like I can just stay here. I’ll need to skip town.


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