Character Karma : 36


A Reasonably tall, well built man, with an impressive Mohawk dyed a shocking electric blue topping his head. Behind the dark wraparound shades adorning his face, you can see the glowing red irises of cyber eyes, just above a seemingly perpetual shit eating grin a mile wide. He wears worn steel toe boots, baggy combat pants, fromthe loops of which several grenades hang, a ratty sleeveless top with a ‘WWF’ logo on it, and finger less gloves with spiked knuckles, all topped off with a heavy trench coat. His right arm is all shiny chrome and sleek carbon fibre, studded with small, powerful speakers, and gripping a katana crackling with holographic lightning and fire.


Jared Brooks was a typical driveless kid, drifting through life, taking interest in nothing in particular, and just surfing the matrix. But one day, after reading about what life was like for people living before the awakening (and perhaps watching a few too many pre-awakening action vids) he came to the realisation that he lived in the perfect environment to become the coolest person ever to exist. Having put himself through an extensive regimen of cyberware and personal training, and now going by ‘Switchblade’ Jared is significantly closer to his goal, even if his idea of ‘cool’ is nearly a 100 years out of step with his contemporaries.


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