En Fuego

Character Karma : 8


Born and raised in Havanna, Cuba in Arroyo Naranjo. Charro was a boisterous youth, he lived with his cousins at his Lita’s place.

As ever with the youth of Havanna he fell into a gang who were heavily Santerian. It was around this time that his awakening happened. He could finally feel his ancestor spirits confirming that his faith was true.

He adopted his allias after one of his gang hits went astray. He was meant to assassinate one of the few other awakened gangers in Havanna but was caught whilst infiltrating their stronghold. In the ensuing battle Charro’s fire magic got out of control and burnt down the entire neighbourhood killing almost the entire rival gang in the process. He shouldn’t have been able to escape the blaze but something seemed to ward away the flames, the news reported that this terrorist seemed to be on fire. En Fuego was born.

After further developing and delving into his abilities En Fuego realised he could perceive astral space. His mentor spirit, Changó finally revealed himself and told him more about what happened on that fateful night. Since then they have bonded and their relationship is one more akin to father and son than that of mage and spirit.

Fast forward 3 years, En Fuego had become somewhat notorious in Havanna. He needed to leave, thankfully one of his wage-slave cousins was a dock worker and was willing to help smuggle him to America where he could stamp his name on it. It was said that there was plenty of money to be made there – and plenty of beautiful ladies too.

En Fuego

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