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Standing a little under average height (for a troll), ‘Diesel’ is Hispanic and completely bald. He has brown eyes and a nose that was clearly broken some time in the past. He usually wears tank tops, dark and armoured bomber jackets, and combats.

His two rides are his Ford Econovan, the appearance of which he constantly shifts with its chameleon coating, and his GMC 442 Chameleon that he’s currently tuning. It currently sports a red paint job with some flames sprayed on the sides and tusks painted on the front-end, that could easily offend any self-respecting suburban orc.

He calls his heavily-armoured, metallic-sprayed Doberman ‘Dom’.


Diesel was born in the Seattle barrens, and spent his youth jacking fast cars and racing them. When he was approached to work as a driver for shadowrunners, he gladly accepted and has been solidly working that gig since. He loves sticking it to the corps, but cannot abide any innocents coming to harm during a run.


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