Character Karma : 26


“Connoisseur of all thing Machine Gun”

Born as a German national, Aoto Van Richter grew up as someone who felt he belonged in this world, someone who assumed the only reason one would affiliate themselves with the shadows, is if they were either a criminal or a delinquent. In his early 20’s Auto moved to America to begin his new career as an employee for Aries mega-corp, working with Lone-star security in Seattle. For several years Auto lived a comfortable life and enjoyed his work with Lone-star, however after a long time at the same beats and rhythms, Auto decided to apply for a new role as a support specialist. Auto was to be trained in a variety of things from MG’s to Rockets to Demolitions, unfortunately Auto found himself engrossed in the intricacies of MG’s. The reason for this fascination was made clear when Auto stepped onto the range and the fire session quickly devolved into a manic shooting spree, crazed laughter included. Auto was temporarily suspended and made to undergo a mental health check, which came up with a clear bill of health. A year later Auto convinced his superiors to let him try for the support the role again, this time Auto found himself trying to flee the premises with Mg in tow…he failed.
Thanks to a spotless career and several friends who Auto had known since they were recruits, Auto avoided a criminal record and was instead simply dismissed from Lone-star. Feeling he had lost his purpose and that something important was missing from his life, Auto slumped into depression. Worrying for his friend’s health, Auto’s squad Sergeant, a close friend called Marik came to visit Auto with a gift, an Ingram Valiant which he had requisitioned for a mission and filed under “losses”. Having grown up in Seattle Marik understood the shadow community and advised Auto that if he wanted to continue a life of action the running would be his only option.
Now Auto understands, the shadows are not just a place for degenerates and criminals…they are a place for people that society doesn’t understand. ;3


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