Son of Dublin

Character: Foley

Other Characters:

  • Crash -Obstacle remover.
  • Diesel -Absentee scout.
  • Glint -Oh dear God, his fucking face!

Gamemaster: Peter

We arrived at yet another fucking coffee shop and eventually went through to see the Johnson in the back. He wanted us to retrieve some "gear" from an ex-business partner of his and gave us a name of a club downtown.

Ran a quick Matrix search but couldn't find anything particularly relevant so when we arrived we headed up to the roof. Crash, with all the care of a man casually stepping onto a pavement, leapt up to the roof with Glint in tow. We got Diesel to send a drone through to scout the building and eventually had a working knowledge of the internals along with the location of our mark.

It was decided that Glint and I should enter through the vents and secure the mark while Crash prepared to remove any obstacles to our extraction. We left with the mark…

Back at my shop, we interrogated the mark; turns out the "gear" was, in fact, meta-humans and they had already been sold. Called Dublin to say that the gear was thoroughly out of our reach and that we were in possession of his associate.  Dublin proceeded to have what we in the business call a "bitch-fit" about our refusal to kill the mark without offering any extra pay. The mark, however, was more than happy to offer us a better deal to cut him loose so we did.

Long story short, when we informed Dublin that he can't just add mission objectives in the middle of a run, he told us that that's how he does business; wouldn't recommend working with Dublin, at least not until he matures a little.

Run time : 4 Hours

Mission Rewards : 22,000¥ + 4 Karma

Mission Expenses : A few stick-n-shock rounds and a smoke grenade.

Notes : Apparently, Mr. "Dublin" isn't even Irish.

Quote of the session  :  'I call my fixer, "Drew Peacock".' -Glint

After Action Report: Into the Frying Pan

Character:  Crash

Other Characters:

  • Carver – Troll mage with small mirror and big mouth
  • Switchblade – Sword wielding badass 
  • Auto – Small ladyman with many guns
  • Schism – Twitchy soldier covered in wires and eyes
  • Foley – Almost totally accurate sniper

Gamemaster: Peter

Quote of the Run: [Inarticulate Chinese Yelling]



"Crash was asked to make report on run today. Crash will do that."

"A small, cowardly man contacted us, offering information on the large magic fire creature loose in Puyallup. After we gave him his money, we received a commlink with the creature's location. After that, the mage lectured us for twenty minutes, and we agreed to meet again in two days.

"We met back up, and the mage lectured us some more. He told us to shoot it until it died – Crash thought that was the plan from the start. Crash does not know why two days were needed. Perhaps it was so Crash could fireproof his armour…"

"We went to the building it was hiding in. People started a long conversation about entry points and breaching maneuvers. The conversation bored Crash, so I go to find way in. Enemies see Crash through window – they think a few flimsy boards enough to protect them. They were wrong."

"The fight inside was good – the walls were flimsy, the enemies even more so. Auto, Schism and Foley shot them, while Switchblade acted like real man, getting close enough to look his enemies in the eyes. Meanwhile the mage – ha ha ha – pulled out small mirror and was using it to peek around corners like child!"


"After some time fighting, the creature appeared. Crash is… unsure what the others were doing at this point. All Crash remembers is that creature hitting like a truck, and ignoring my punches like they were nothing! My punches! At some point Crash was thrown through window, and the mage was shouting about people being on fire, and Switchblade was slicing huge chunks out of the creature while Foley kept on shooting it. Crash went to help the others, and was told to fire rocket at creature. Crash has never used rocket launcher before, but I think I did it right. It finally fell, and Foley unloaded into his head."

"Then we fired another rocket at it, just to make sure. You never can trust these magical things to stay dead."

"We manage to put out the fires on Auto and Schism, and carry them and Switchblade – who was knocked unconscious – away from the building. We get paid."

"End Recording"



[Muttered Slavic curses, sound of fumbling and buttons being slapped]


After Action Report: Lion and Rabbit

Character: Vessel

Other Characters:

  • Carver  A huge combat mage that is surprisingly good at hiding.
  • Crash  Probably in my best interest not to piss him off.
  • Diesel  Finally, another rigger! I was beginning to think this group was just gun-nuts.

Gamemaster: Peter

I guess it's my turn to do one of these. We started by meeting with the Mr Johnson to get our mission objective. It was to find and put a stop to a couple of masked vigilantes that were detrimental to the Johnson's business, one a Lion, the other a Rabbit.

I don't really remember what happened at the beginning of the run, it's all a little hazy. I think the other guys went to speak with someone who'd been attacked by the targets, I stayed in the van because I'm not really the talky type but then again the other guys didn't really give off that vibe either.

The next thing I know I'm in my garage being operated on. I think a stun grenade went off and slammed me into the side of my van, at least that's what I can assume happened what with there being a used grenade case and a bloody faceprint in the side of my van.

After I got fixed up we went to the last site where someone was attacked and decided to stake out the place until the assailants showed. It was great, I felt like a detective or something.

When they showed up we confronted them on the roof of a nearby building, Lion went down first, then 'Bunny' after she tried to escape. I took their commlinks and did a bit of snooping but nothing turned up, but either way that was mission accomplished.

Run time : 5 Hours (1-3 my ass)

Mission Rewards : 6,000¥ + 4 Karma

Mission Expenses : A couple of stick-n-shock rounds

Notes : Session could have went a bit quicker, and having a face on the team would probably help.

Quote of the session  :  'I had that you know…' Vessel to Crash after Crash jumped 20 feet in the air.

After Action Report: Bloodtrails

Character: Doorkicker

Other Characters:

  • En Fuego Vamp-slaying Witch Doctor
  • Auto Naive machine-gun fetishist
  • Snoop Matrix Bloodhound

GM: Peter

So it turns out even laying low in a safe house eating beans out the can burns a hole in your pocket, so I took this offer for some freelance work, figured it would keep me sharp if nothing else. I get to the meet-up and it's some throwback diner with a bunch of weirdos hangin outside. Of course, thanks to the cruelties of fate, these marks turned out to be my co-workers.

First guy was actually a guy had heard of back in my days on the force, 'Crazy Otto' of precinct 17. He seems a bit naive for the shadows, and I don't get the whole courier thing, but he sure knows his way around a SAW. The next was some former cubanisto witch doctor. Bit of an attitude on him, but he knows his magic, and he saved my ass, so I guess I owe him one. The last guy was harder to read, my guess is another ex-cop, but he wasn't too forthcoming, and his taste in cyber is… weird. Knew his way around a deck, though, and truth be told his information retrieval skills carried my sorry ass through most of this case.

Yeah I said case, turns out I still have to bring in killers even when I'm a fugitive, new day, same shit. Oscar Gold, some suit with the OU hires us to track down the whack job who's been killing Knight Errant high-flyers and making off with their kids. Not that I'm ever sad to see former competition getting picked off, but if you start slaughtering families and kidnapping small boys in the night, you need dealt with, cash incentive or not.

I drive over to crime scene one and blag my and the mage's way past the KE gorilla on door duty with some bullshit, while the dwarf checks the matrix. Doesn't take long for us to figure out this guy is awakened and was friendly with the victims before he redecorated their homes Myers style. A little more digging found our man, some vamp with grudge against KE had been posing as kid's tutor before killing the happy family and claiming the boy as his own as payback for his dead wife, textbook grief case. 

Murder house two was vulture central when we got there, so we'd hit a dead end with leads. I should have read the pattern, I should have thought about his next move, I was a goddamned idiot, tried to bate him into a sting, which of course he had no interest in. It was only once we'd traced his link to the woods, and seen him start to move after sundown, did I have the bright idea to scope out the home of our likely next victim.

Even when we got to the house, I wasn't thinking straight, didn't play my defender's advantage, didn't get vamp-killing gear, nothing. Thank christ the mage thought to make a stake at a home wear store while we waited. At least I was right to watch the house, cus soon enough our man was strolling down the street.

Blood suckers are fucking hard to kill. we musta hit him with enough lead, fire and fists to drop an ornary troll, and the bastard just turned to mist and came back fine. The magic, too, was bad. Punk tried mindfucking me first, before throwing acid around, including onto my car! He just soaked hit after hit, until I got the 12-gauge and knocked him to the sidewalk. You wouldn't think getting stuck with a pointy stick would do much, but not long after fuego got him, that sucker was melting down to bones, just like in the trids.

We left the killer and enough evidence to convict, and split before the 'real' cops showed up. The pay was good, and we even got an in with the OU, but this job was a mess, I'm gonna have to get it together if I want to keep playing freelancer much longer. Maybe I'm gonna need more help than I thought.

Quote of the Run: 'My fucking car!'

After action report: Knock Knock


Other Characters:

  • sinapse drudged up punk girl with a talent for pressing buttons really fast
  • schism twitchy eight eyed cyber sam with a death wish
  • mimi  over privileged teenager who likes big guns
  • vessel  …the man has naked elf robot girls in the back of a van. Not sure what  else to say.

Gamemaster: Rium

"So we going there and… 'BANG BANG' "


So meet up at one of the countless  dingy Southern bars in this town and I don't know what it is but after a while ive developed the skill to instantly tell who out of a crowd is a runner. this Skill most relies the ability to spot… what did Sinapse call it? "edgyness". Whatever it's called, it seems to be a prominent quality with runners I've met. So anyway I grab a beer and sit down at the ar marked table with my new colleges. despite there appearance they seem friendly enough folks. while were talking away the Johnson walks in, first impressions of him? he appers to be professional, to the point and by the look of him have stick shoved up his ass so long that im not sure how he doesn't gag every time he sits down. probably practice/ reminds me of my drill sergeant.

After Action Report: Fast Money

Character: En Fuego

Other Characters:

Gamemaster: Peter

"It turns out that these Johnsons in this country have hair on their tongues! What goes around comes around and that puta is gonna get it one day"

So we met at this cool bar - Americans love their guns and this place was legit. I headed in and met a young señorita at the bar – She so looked naive and proper but she proved pretty hardcore!

I met with the rest of them and the Johnson. Tash, Foley and Baron were the others runners I was with. Tash had the sickest bike, a proper American chopper! It reminded me of the shit my cousin worked on back in Arroyo Naranjo except this one actually could shift.

Anyway I got carried away with that glorious bike, the job was to collect a truck and drop it off at a TBA location. We scoped out the place and found the truck. On our way to the meet we were ambushed by Crimson Crush cabrones. I melted that fuckers face – you should have seen it! Like they always say, if you can't stand the heat stay outta fire.

Once those guys were finished trying to make our lives difficult we got to the meet. It was another group of runners, there was one señorita who clearly had a soft spot  for En Fuego but he is used to the attention!

We were given their van and took that to Johnson who paid us. But that was when  that puta did something. The van exploded and we were attacked, and much like  anyone who stands in my way they went out in a blaze of glory. After that things got a little bit hectic downtown so we got outta there.

My new amigos seem pretty cool, I'm glad none of them have sticks up their asses. 

After Action Report: Express Shipping


Other Characters:

Gamemaster: Peter 

This whole shadow running didn't unfold exactly how I was expecting, I was expecting a lot more "Bang Bang, No questions asked". Maybe they have more talents than the trids give them credit for.. maybe?

Any how, The Mr Johnson contacted us through a virtual chat room, kind of tacky but I suppose it gets the job done. The brief was to acquire a one Janus "" and a partner file that would both be traveling to Seattle via a Wuxing corporate train. My colleagues and I traveled to Portland and booked into hotels for the night, so that we could construct a plan of action, as Wuxing's security limited our available assets.

This gave me a good opportunity to get an insight into my colleagues; Wohali seemed quite nice and competent enough, but I think I now understand where the term "tree hugger" sprouted from. Carver came across with an air of professionalism, past military or corporate experience maybe? Anyway he seemed a skilled mage..with some interesting idea's for the application of magic. Now as for say the name say's it all, would not be a complete misrepresentation. But he seemed pleasant enough, if not a little uncouth.

I suppose its nice to have my first run be something that challenges our problem solving skills? I digress, We boarded the train and with assistance from Carvers spirit of man we were able to quickly locate our target and assess the security situation, pretty hefty for a train if I do say so myself. Thankfully my youth makes avoiding attention quite easy and when I turn on the charm I can be quite convincing, heh. So I wooed the target with the old "lost father" routine and left dealing with security to my colleagues. I tried my best to not get distracted by the image link, but for a street ruffian that Switchblade sure knows how to wield a katana. At least the commotion gave me a good excuse to lure the target out of sight and put her into a "tranquil" sleep. With Wohali's aid we tucked her away while the next group of reinforcements made their way into the Switchblade/Carver grinder, so to speak. I lock picked the safe and Carver acquired the partner files while Switchblade and Wohali made ready for our escape. It turns out being invisible is quite useful, I never truly appreciated the applications of magic, or the horrifying missuses it could be applied to until Carver went into detail about mind controlling with spirits..ehh.

With our objectives completed we made our exit via a short, yet rather fast moving hop from the trains doors. In all a simple mission and I look forward to my next run,  Though I wont be rushing to my next opportunity to leap from a train.

Quote of the run: "Looks like your guy's plans are going to be..derailed" YEEEAAH!! can be heard faintly in the distance.

After Action Report: Out of the Fire

Character: Baron

Other Runners:

  • Auto – Courier with a penchant for his bag
  • Carver – Magical "security" consultant
  • Foley – Fellow morgue thief

Gamemaster: Peter



A simple package retrieval has unfortunately unleashed a powerful spirit in possession of a cyber-enhanced troll's body.


The run started fairly average. We met our Johnson in a backroom surgery in Puyallup, bastards lights were bright enough to give me a headache. Something felt off about the Johnson but he was paying well, extremely well, for what was easily a one or two man job.

Our target was a human girls corpse, stored in one of Seattle's morgues. Planning was thorough though mostly unneeded. We attempted to cover every base from potential magical barriers to some form of weight detection in case flat out theft was needed. Fortunately none of our plans were needed, a corrupt medical examiner provides little security. For 2000 nuyen we found our corpse and walked out without any problems. Auto recognized the body as a former runner and Carver was able to figure out she was a shaman that had burned herself out on a fire spirit.

When we arrived at the Johnson's surgery, he'd pulled out a cybered-up trolls corpse and seemed to be obsessing over it. We should've asked for payment and gotten out of the warehouse at that moment. Our Johnson did something to the corpse we picked up for him and before I knew it, there was a blinding flash and some kind of blast. After picking myself up, I could see the whole team had been thrown into the main building. The troll in the surgery seemed significantly more alive and significantly more aflame now. I knew I wasn't going to do shit to this thing so I did my best to pick out where our Johnson had disappeared to. I found his torso buried under some rubble, retrieved our payment from his jacket and declared I was getting the fuck out. Though Foley got the thing with a couple of good shots but didn't seem like the troll would stop anytime soon.

A bulletin for the thing has went out already, so I'm sure someone will be stupid enough to try and take the troll on. Auto was talking about Switchblade having something special for such an occasion. If someone can take down the troll it's probably that maniacal cyborg.

After Action Report : Party Crashers

Character :  SINapse

Other Runners :

Gamemaster : Kieran

Well that was a run and a bit. Not quite what we were expecting. 

  The J invited us to Penumbra, nothing strange their, 'course Brickhead on the door again can't take a joke. Not too keen on my face. Rude. The gang all got together and had a bit of a tussle with the boss-man. We were to be grabbing some rich kid CEO~ maybe. I wasn't listening most of that conversation. Switch is giving me the eyes. Its creepy~ In a strangely okay way. Negotion for pay started quick. Baron had him on the ropes immediately. No way we are gonna be doing this drek and not getting paid a premium. Before leaving the Club; Tash already has a bit of info on the Corp this fragger works for. I hitch a ride with her on the way back to get a 'Caf. On the way I do a bit of snooping for some info on our man. Got the locale pretty quickly not too much bother. He was offshore. On a boat.

  After letting everyone know and getting me paid (cha'ching!) Switchblade got us his sick speedboat for getting across to where our man is at. Me and Tash do our thing on the way their to stop 'em getting any info on us. Before we know it Switch is heading at the boat full on! It was pretty sick. After getting off on the boat ofcourse we are straight in a firefight. Wasn't too long till we, Switch, got to our target. 

  So then there was the Water thing I was done there and then. Auto had been making handy work of the guards and Baron had his back. They weren't quite ready for the spirit. Waholi was though. I got a good look through Auto's end of things. Cut that thing to bits. I grabbed the boat to pick everyone up. Easy days.

  Our man was battered and bruised but we got him out and we got paid. 

SINapse awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!…..

< Selfie.PNG >

Run time : 6 Hours

Mission Rewards : 9,250¥ + Paydata to round us to 12,000¥ as well as 12 Karma for a bit of a long session

Mission Expenses : Clip of Gel Rounds and a hit of Bliss. Can't complain

Notes : Game could have went a bit quicker but that comes with experience and practice. Next time we try it quiet maybe(?)

Quote of the session  : "Come wivv me if you vant to live."


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